Setting up VSTS CI/CD for a SPA app using AngularCLI, ASPNetCore (Part 2)

In my previous post I showed you how to setup a build pipeline for a SPA application written in Angular using Angular CLI and ASP.Net Core as back-end. I promised back then to continue with the release as well, but have been pretty busy lately.

Now is the time to pay my debt and show you how you will get the release done to make it a proper continuous delivery right from when you commit the code to when it is deployed to production.

We will be using Azure Web Apps for our deployment purposes but it really doesn’t matter where you deploy it since there are many third party tools covering different providers like AWS.


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Using client certificates for ASP.Net Core App hosted on Azure Web App service

Recently we had to communicate with an external API featuring mutual authentication using client certificates (AKA two way SSL). We were using ASP.Net Core hosted on Azure Web App service and had to call the API’s from using HTTPClient (There is another way of enabling this on Azure using Resource Manager which I will mention later).  (more…)

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