Using client certificates for ASP.Net Core App hosted on Azure Web App service

Recently we had to communicate with an external API featuring mutual authentication using client certificates (AKA two way SSL). We were using ASP.Net Core hosted on Azure Web App service and had to call the API’s from using HTTPClient (There is another way of enabling this on Azure using Resource Manager which I will mention later).  (more…)

Setting up VSTS CI/CD for a SPA app using AngularCLI, ASPNetCore (Part 1)

Recently I was assigned to a green field project where we had to create an initial structure of a project which was going to be written in Angular 2 using Angular CLI for front end side and ASP.Net Core for back-end. We had to use VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) as our source control and build and deployment pipeline. The result was then deployed to Azure Web Apps and the aim was to make this happen.  (more…)

How to keep yourself updated (pet projects)


For us (developers) the most irritating and cumbersome process is to keep ourselves up to date, since every 2 second a new language/tool/technology is born out of nowhere. We know that we have to keep up with our peers if we want to stay in loop and don’t get left behind.

This is awfully worst for consultants since they will spend some time on different engagements and they have to know a bit of everything they will face and also more if they want to lead the client in that area. We all have family/personal stuff to do and usually don’t have enough time to read about everything we face everyday, and we shouldn’t since it is proven to reduce productivity in the long run. So the question is what are we supposed to do to achieve this? (more…)

How to show your leadership skills while you’re not a leader

I am currently working towards a promotion to Senior Consultant and as part of the process I have needed to demonstrate my leadership skills and abilities.  Working solo on an engagement with a client who won’t let me go, I have not been in an actual team lead role, and this has made it challenging to demonstrate team leadership skills.  I figure that others might be in a similar position, so thought it worth sharing some of my lessons. (more…)